Simplicity Silicone Lining 23 Colourways

Linings add weight and fullness to the appearance of your curtains. They can be used with any sheer fabric, transforming them into a layered opaque curtain. Using lining with any solid fabric produces a quality weighted curtain.

Linings create the protective layer that faces the window and is seen from outside when the curtains are drawn.


+ Prolong the life of your curtains

+ Protect your furnishings

+ Provide thermal benefits to your home, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer

Simplicity Silicone 320cm

With durability and style in mind, Simplicity silicone lining is a 100% polyester fabric base with 4-pass coating of silicone application. The use of silicone coating enables the fabric to be wipeable and machine washable (providing face fabric is also machine washable).  Simplicity lining has 23 fashion colourways to enhance any Roman blind, sheer or drapery curtain. This lining fabric is light blockout, fire retardant and noise reducing with thermal benefits.