Satinline Flocked Lining 1 Colourway

Linings add weight and fullness to the appearance of your curtains. They can be used with any sheer fabric, transforming them into a layered opaque curtain. Using lining with any solid fabric produces a quality weighted curtain.

Linings create the protective layer that faces the window and is seen from outside when the curtains are drawn.


+ Prolong the life of your curtains

+ Protect your furnishings

+ Provide thermal benefits to your home, keeping it warmer in winter and cooler in summer

Satinline 3 Pass Blockout Flock Coated Lining

Colour: Ivory

Satinline is a polyester base lining fabric which has had 3 passes of flock coating applied.

The combination of the polyester base fabric and the flock coating has created a soft draping wide width blockout lining, suitable to enhance curtain and Roman blind main fabrics