Martinique Lined Sheers 11 Colourways

Lined Sheer curtains offer the benefits of dim-out/blockout curtaining such as keeping rooms, especially bedrooms, dark along with the elegance of their light and dreamy aesthetic. These curtains are the perfect blend of form and function and assist a restful sleep along with being good insulators.

Sheer fabrics are lined with your choice of lining to transform them into a customised layered opaque curtain. Creating a beautiful wave with sophisticated solidity, lined sheers add depth to any room.

Our custom made curtains are made in New Zealand by our skilled team who ensure flawless quality in a variety of headings or Roman blinds.

Enhance your interior décor with:

+ A sophisticated opaque

+ A choice of stylish pleats and gatherings

+ Blockout/dim-out and thermal control

+ Roman blinds to match any décor

+ Combine with a sun-filtering roller blind

+ Your options are near limitless

Our expert interior advisors will guide you every step of the way.

Suitable for
Lined sheer curtains or Roman blinds for residential or commercial
100% Polyester, Fire retardant
Martinique Ice
Martinique Snow
Martinique Merino
Martinique Ash
Martinique Linen
Martinique Silver
Martinique Haze
Martinique Stone
Martinique Dusk
Martinique Charcoal
Martinique Blackjack