Alu-Tech S2

Alu-Tech S2 fabric - Platinum

Alu-Tech S2 is a sunscreen fabric with a aluminium backing which provides superior performance in regards heat and glare. It is most commonly used in commercial projects where control of heat glare is a major issue. Maintaining the view from inside to outside is readily achieved by a 3% openness factor.
Alu-Tech S2 is a woven screen constructed from 100% polyester, it is PVC free, Fade resistant (grade 6), Fire Retardant to European standard B1, has a Bronze award certification from “Cradle to Cradle”, and is clear view. Five year warranty.

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Suitable for
Interior Roller Blinds
100% Polyester
Alu-Tech S2
Alu-Tech S2 - Uranium
Alu-Tech S2 - Magnesium
Alu-Tech S2 - Nickel
Alu-Tech S2- Steel
Alu-Tech S2 - Platinum (pictured)
Alu-Tech S2 - Titanium
Alu-Tech S2 - Copper
Alu-Tech S2 - Charcoal
Alu-Tech S2 - Nero