Roller Blinds

For a stylish, contemporary finish to your home opt for the simple elegance of Roller blinds.

Roller blinds have always been popular because of their clever control mechanism which is a continuous chain loop enabling easy and precise upward and downward adjustment. They also have a reputation for understated sophistication, but the continuing popularity of Roller blinds can be fairly attributed to the breakthrough technology in the fabric component and most recently in the controller system hardware.

Roller blinds can now be made in contemporary textured weaves, smooth minimalist plains, translucent, screen, opaque or blockout fabrics. All of the ‘intelligent’ fabrics we use have superior solar protection and excellent insulating properties.

At Window Treatments our design team has been quick to adapt our Roller blind systems and mechanisms so that the wonderful strengths of these new fabrics can be utilised in extensive home and business applications.
We have found solutions for customers who want exceptionally wide or tall blinds both interior and exterior  (Securo®) to cover extensive glass panels and perfected double roller systems when both a see-through sun filter and blockout blind is required. We have recently launched "Blocco" which is the perfect solution wgen maximum ligh reduction is required.
Stunning Roller blinds are the ultimate in contemporary style and are perfect for controlling heat and glare with the option of maintaining your exterior vista.

Strong demand is now evident for screen fabrics in the Roller Blind range. Screen fabrics provide light filtering as opposed to light block-out so that the view can be maintained whilst at the same time light control is acheived. Screen fabrics are attractive but also very functional. Stunning Roller blinds are the ultimate in contemporary style and are perfect for controlling heat and glare with the option of maintaining your exterior vista.

Roller Blinds - Screen Fabric


Glass is the building material that epitomises modern architecture.Increasingly, buildings and private residences are designed to completely open to the exterior. Heat protection, insulation and visual comfort and an overall seamless  transition between interior and exterior spaces is paramount.

Meeting all of these design briefs succinctly are Window Treatments’ roller blinds utilising Techno Glass screen fabrics.

....enjoy exterior views & control the elements... Techno Glass sunscreen fabrics function to maintain the view to outside while efficiently managing the effects of the sun. Available in an extensice colour palette.

To achieve excellent transparency we have placed considerable emphasis on producing a perfectly calibrated yarn which is uniform in all aspects of construction.

The regularity of the yarn coating and weaving also contribute to the transparency which then ensures the space feels open and unconfined.
These transparent sunscreen fabrics incorporate high tensile strength and heat resistance. Woven with a glass fibre core this fabric is flame resistant, dimensionally stable and ecologically friendly. Techno Glass fabrics are resistant to stretching, shrinkage or twisting. Neither are they affected by extreme changes in temperature.



...reduces heat in summer, insulates in winter...
Depending on the fabric colour chosen, Techno Glass can block 90 - 96% of UV rays.
In summer the temperature of a room can be lowered by 5 – 15° C.
In winter solar protection is necessary to control glare caused by the lower angles of the sun’s rays. This protection also insulates by markedly reducing heat loss through glazing which can help achieve significant reductions in the demand for air conditioning, reducing electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.


....when privacy is required...
Internal darkening;
Mermet manufactures a range of block-out and room darkening fabric, some with a textured finish and others with foam or white acrylic backing . These fabrics are ideally suited for computer rooms, offices, home theatre and bedrooms as they prevent glare and provide block-out when required.
Light filtering fabrics are ideal when used on  double rollers in conjunction with block-out fabrics. Light filtering fabrics are an alternative to sunscreen fabrics when less openness (more privacy) is required. Usually the block-out blind is positioned behind the light filtering blind to ensure optimum light and privacy control.


...for  damp conditions...
Most of our block-out fabrics are PVC free and all are resistant to mould and fungi, making block-out blinds ideal for installations in bathrooms or any areas of high humidity and moisture.




...for safety...
We have fabrics available that offer high heat resistance and fire retardancy. According to the Australian Wool Testing Authority, Mermet fibreglass yarn for example, has the highest possible score for the ignitability index, spread of flame index and heat evolved index. The smoke developed index is also excellent.

...for ease of maintenance...
Block-out fabrics are remarkably easy to maintain. Soapy water and a sponge or soft brush is enough. They can also be professionally cleaned by contacting either Mr Sparkel (Auckland and Wellington) or the Blind Care Company (Christchurch and Nelson) (our subsidiary companies - refer to our cleaning page for contact details).


...for creating ambiance with colour...
Although quietly understated, Roller blinds contribute extensively to the overall ambiance of your home. The fabric colour you select will make the atmosphere warm, cool or temperate.

A white or grey fabric does not alter the spectrum of the light entering the room so the atmosphere is soft and neutral. Contrastingly, fabrics in saturated colours alter one’s perception of light. Blue tones give a sense of coolness and yellow tones create an impression of warmth.

Window Treatments have many fabric colours and a variety of subtle weaving and textural accents to choose from. Our customer representatives can assist you in selecting the perfect colour tone, temperature and texture to enhance your home decor.

Roller Blind Fabric Options:

The Mermet range: These ‘intelligent’ fabrics for blinds have been assessed and listed on Ecospecifier as an environmentally friendlier choice. They can achieve significant reductions in the demand for air conditioning, reducing electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. is an independent online knowledgebase of verified information about eco and health preferable products and materials for the construction industry, with the broader aim of creating a more sustainable physical environment.

Techno Screen: Our Techno range is very cost effective and works well in both commercial and domestic situations. Techno Suncreen is dimensionally stable and comes in a wide range of colours in 5%, 3% and 1% openness. Techno Glass, aslo available in a range of colours, has 5% openness.

Enviroshade & Enviroshade Aluminium: Enviroshade is a Trevira-CS (PVC free) window shading fabric allowing natural control of light, heat and glare, with a view. It has been meticulously tested to meet international standards for green and fire retardant fabrics. Enviroshade is energy efficient and cuts down on greenhouse emissions. This product also has a Green Star building rating for the environmentally discerning customer. Details of certification available on the Envirospec Website.
This European designed and manufactured range of roller fabric performs beautifully in both home and office spaces and is guaranteed for 5 years.
Enviroshade Aluminium has the same qualities and features of Enviroshade, but with the added feature of an aluminium backing. This special backing greatly enhances the fabric’s ability to reflect heat and light and is especially suited for the commercial environment. For more information visit the “Solar Control Devices” category at

Light Filtering Fabrics: Our light filtering fabrics provide more privacy than screen fabrics but still allow you to enjoy ambient light. Product features include: 100% polyester with acrylic coating, eco friendly, colour cordinated for use with double rollers.

Block out Fabrics: We carry an extensive range of Block out fabrics, some with a textured finish and others with foam or white  acrylic backing. These fabrics are ideally suited for computer rooms, offices, home theatre and bedrooms as they prevent glare and provide complete block-out when required. Most of our block-out fabrics are PVC free and all are resistant to mould and fungi, making block-out blinds ideal for installations in bathrooms or any areas of high humidity and moisture as they are remarkably easy to maintain.

For more detailed Roller Blind fabric information :  Download Roller Blind Fabric Specification Data (9.2MB)

Roller Blind Systems

To complement and enhance contemporary design, Window Treatments has explored roller blind mechanisms and introduced the world renown ‘RollEase®’ hardware system to meet market demands.
To cater for the trend in extensive panel glazing the ‘RollEase® Skyline’ system provides exceptional operational control for all blind sizes. The system also has the option of a clever new ‘spring assist’ which allows effortless, smooth operation for those larger blinds.

For situations where large or a multiple panel of blinds are required to be operated with one control system, we recommend either the geared Rollease Galaxy G200 controller or our standard controllers with spring assists. Both systems operate with two tube size options which are dictated by the width and drop of the blind. This means that Window Treatments can install sophisticated roller blind systems to extra tall, wide or multi panel glazing without compromising operation.

Our Roller blinds all have variable stopping positions for quiet, positive locks and our spring assisted blinds make the operation of larger blinds smooth and simple – a feature that is especially beneficial for those who suffer from arthritis.

 Back Roll


Front Roll    ...blind options...
Standard roller blind installation has fabric rolling behind the tube and close to the window for an optimum fit, minimal gaps and greater insulation and light control. However reverse rolling (front roll) can be ordered and is a simple solution to give clearance over window or door handles.
Foam fabrics which have attractive texture and excellent insulation properties are back rolled as standard in order to conceal their white backing.

Double Roller Blinds - Compact Bracket

Double Roller Blind Systems - Double Compact Bracket

Note: two single brackets (offset from each other) can also be used to achieve a double roller system.

 Double Roller Blinds - Standard Brackets

Cord tidy - Mounted and free hanging

Our easy to use double roller system has proved a popular and fashionable solution for customers who require both a light filtering solar screen fabric for day and a block-out fabric for night.

Left or right chain operation with or without cord tidys are available in all our Roller blind products. Cords can be ordered in different lengths for those out of reach windows. All roller blinds have the option of motorisation.

Fabric Fastening System: Window Treatments has developed a unique method of attaching the fabric of a roller blind to the head rail and bottom rail. Gone are the days of stitching and double sided tape!

The new exclusive system involves welding a Securo® locking spline onto the fabric using a high impulse electric welding machine. The fabric is then guided into the rails through a specially formed Securo® locking groove.

This system greatly enhances the finish of the blinds and eliminates the risk of the fabric pulling away from the rail due to deterioration of the sewing thread or breakdown of double sided tape.

Fabric fastening system

Fabric Fastening System: Window Treatments offers two distinct aluminium Bottom Rail profiles: 27mm diameter round and a 27mm x 16mm rectangular. Both utilise the unique fabric fastening system and are available in a range of eight fashionable colours or a custom colour of your choice.

Fabric fastening system - Bottom Rails

Wire Guides:Wire guides can be used to restrict movement of the blind where windows are left open or for incline windows (with a maximum of 20o incline from vertical).

Wire guides

Multi Blind System: Controls multiple blind panels with one control system, also minimises the gap between blind panels.

Multi Blind System

Fascia options: For single roller blinds, fascias are available with a curved or square no-notch fascia for improved appearance and reduction in light gaps. Double Roller blinds are only available with a square fascia system. All fascia systems can accommodate either manual or motorised options.

Fascia options

Motorisation Available

Motorisation has been one of the main driving factors behind positioning Window Treatments’ blinds and awnings as leaders in the market place.

Thanks to new technology in the motorisation industry we can now offer the option of remote controlled automation on most of our blinds and awnings.

Motorisation also eliminates the need for chains or cords and allows easy accessibility to high or difficult to reach windows. It is easily installed as retrofit** and can be integrated with home or commercial building automation systems*. At the press of a button you can lower or retract your blinds to any point, individually or as a specified room or area grouping.

Motorisation by Window Treatments is provided by electrically powered discreet and quiet tubular motors which are operated by wall mounted switch, remote control or interfaced with your building management or facade management system*. The motor is installed directly into the head rail or tube. It is compact, quiet and powerful and can operate any size blind. 

For selected blinds where electrical circuits are difficult to install we now have specialised motors powered by compact long-life batteries or rechargeable batteries. Recharging can be done simply by connecting a charger to a 240v power outlet or automatically by a small solar panel installed behind the head rail of the blind. Battery operated motorisation is also perfect for remote batches where electricity supply is unavailable.

Optional timer controls and sun sensors, which can be teamed with motorisation, are of great benefit for those who like to have their furnishings protected when they are at work or away on holiday. The sun sensors will raise and lower your blinds as required to protect your carpet, furniture and artworks. With a timer control you can programme your blinds to open and shut at certain times of the day to conserve energy and reduce air conditioning requirements.

Window Treatments uses motors and control systems by French company Somfy and Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Motors from Rollease Acmeda, both of whom are considered world leaders in automated systems.

Somfy has over thirty-five years of experience in the motorisation field. Their tubular motors are some of the world’s quietest and with a radio receiver built inside, it is simply a matter of plugging them into a power point. Programming can then be managed easily with the use of the radio remote control.


The Li-ion series Rechargeable Battery Motors from Rollease Acmeda are revolutionary and as well as having the convenience and cost savings because they don’t require mains power supply, these motors can be also operated by your iPhone or smart phone providing there is a wifi service on the property.

Stress simulation tests on both Somfy and Rollease Acmeda Li-ion series products are under extreme conditions. All Somfy and Rollease Acmeda Li-ion products are certified according to current technical and safety regulations.

Window Treatments, in conjunction with Somfy and Rollease Acmeda guarantee excellent product quality, installation and simplicity of use for all customers. Motors are guaranteed for five years.

Window Treatments can install Somfy and Li-ion motors or automated systems when you are remodelling or building a new home or commercial building.

Retro Fit manual roller blinds to motorised roller blinds:


Window Treatments NZ Ltd can now retrofit most manual blinds and awnings with motors with great ease and at a considerably lower cost, with the launch of the new Rollease Acmeda Li-ion Rechargable Battery Motors. No mains power is required for these motors, the retrofit can be done onsite in just a few minutes and if wi-fi is present on the property, control options such as using smart phones and iPhones are possible.

Somfy automation systems and Rollease Acmeda Li-ion motors are designed to improve your comfort, security and energy efficiency – making life easier. Our customer representatives throughout New Zealand as well as our Technical Services Manager, can consult with you or your architect at planning stage for all domestic or commercial projects requiring automation.


Building Management Systems 

Window Treatments NZ Ltd in conjunction with Somfy can supply and install Home Automation Systems for residential applications, and Somfy Animeo Automation Commercial Systems which provides solutions for bioclimatic facades.  or install home or commercial building automation systems, Window Treatments can also interface our motorised Blinds and Awnings with most other Building Management systems in the market.
** Some limitations may apply. Please contact our Technical Services Manager for information and advice.

Our customer representatives throughout New Zealand as well as our Technical Services Manager, can consult with you or your architect at planning stage for all domestic or commercial projects requiring automotion.

for maximum light reduction...check out our Blocco Blinds range...

Applications: Blocco systems are the perfect solution when maximum light reduction is required in commercial environments such as schools, hotels, hospitals and residential applications such as home theatre rooms and bedrooms.



  • Roller Blinds - Hardware -  Download Specification Data (2.63MB)
  • Roller Blinds - Fabric - Download Specification Data (9.2MB)


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